Thursday, June 11, 2015


Drum roll please...

Congratulations to Michael Jackson (great name!) for being the random winner of the draw. Michael wins some cool mittens and a warm scarf. 
Thank you to all the VIP list members for entering. I will have another giveaway real soon so stay tuned! 

(Micheal, please contact me with your contact details.)

On to other news, I have some new stock on my Etsy store today. Some nice organic cotton drop-crotch track pants (or sweatpants if you are in the States). 
Well maybe not for jogging in, but more for street-wear, these trackies (if you are in Australia) have a narrow leg and a slight drop-crotch and pockets in all the right places. (where you would expect them I guess, but that sounds so good)

Check them out...

They are available in my Etsy store. Remember you will get 10% off with the code (down below) and 25% off my item of the week. JUST on my item of the week which the final pair of my older style track pants. Okay, okay, I give in, sweatpants.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


What I have been doing this month? Check it out.

 Launched 'Product of the Week'. Each week I will feature a new item with a cool discount to boot. Yes, that's 25% off.

Kanye West busts out some wisdom to fashion students. Alas, speech has NO Kanyeisms which is extremely disappointing. 
Just some solid career advice. Bummer. 

Found this photo. Love this cool makeup.

Socks and reef sandals. I decided this is possibly the worst look for men (and women) ever. In the entire world. Period. The end.

 I turned 49 on the 12 of May. For my birthday I bought myself another pair of Cinzia Araia hand-made Italian shoes. The joy! She is my favorite shoe designer in the world. (It is also too cold to wear my socks and reef sandals)

 I got some press during May too. URBANDON menswear was published in a photo shoot

 I found a very smart quote.

 Yours truly with the lead singer, Lewis (and all round nice guy), of the amazing band Movement. He is wearing URBANDON menswear on his European tour. 

Here is their great single, Us. 

A blast from the past with this draped wool jumper. I only made one so very sad to see it sold! Now it's cold I miss this even more.

 Love this cool embellishing idea using button snaps. I'm considering this for a future project.

 You can quote me on that!

Made this coat from a reclaimed US Army canvas tent. 
Available here. It is long, water resistent and very warm.

And I started my giveaway! If you are on the mailing list then you are in the draw.

That's my month. See you next time.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


It is getting cold around these parts. Staying in bed is the default option in the morning now. Stews and soup recipes have my attention. 

Okay, Sydney doesn't get too cold but I have been thinking about my northern hemisphere friends (and southern neighbours) and whipped up some warm organic cotton mittens.

How do you score a pair? Sign up to my VIP list. Easy. 

Lucky random winner will be announced in two weeks.


Some other style mitts available now.

URBANDON menswear mitts

URBANDON menswear mitts

Stay warm. Winter is coming.