Saturday, October 25, 2014


After months of research I lashed out and bought a new camera. My choice was a FUJIFILM X-E1. Stunning image quality, vintage styling, Japanese built quality. Highly recommended camera and my second Fujifilm camera.

Having a good camera does not make you a better photographer. Perhaps it makes you a more confident photographer, knowing you can pull of a shot. A new, good camera can inject a bit of enthusiasm into your photography.

I almost always shoot in aperture priority mode, allowing the camera to adjust the shutter speed- it is an efficient and effective way to shoot. In a way, I shoot like I am using a film camera- frame the shot, take one or two shots and move on.

All photos were processed in Perfect B&W. This is great software for giving photos that extra shine.

This is what I have been shooting this past month or so. I hope you enjoy.

URBANDON photography

URBANDON photography
Expired piano

URBANDON photography
Fractured self portrait

URBANDON photography

URBANDON photography

URBANDON photography

URBANDON photography
URBANDON photography
URBANDON photography
Bruce (our sweet dog)

URBANDON photography
Market dog

Saturday, September 27, 2014


I just wanted to let you know my Etsy store is closed for a while. Moving house has forced me to declutter and pack my studio/ workroom away for a while.

It is kinda good as well. Selling is hard. I'm pretty niche and I have been struggling for a while now. Cheap imports and a tough economy world wide have taken their toll on my, and many others, business.

While having a break I am re-evaluating the business- I have strayed off track to make gear in the hope of making sales. Yes, that sounds like normal business practice but not why I originally started URBANDON. I wanted to create unique pieces but now I'm feeling a bit of an also-ran.

The great thing is I don't have to rely on the business to provide money so I don't have to cater to fashions. That is how I started and I want to go back there. I will return to making one-off pieces and one or two made to measure pieces.

All this is to just say that I wont be making much over the coming month and my store is closed. It also means when I return expect some heavily discounted items, free gifts with purchases and some give-aways via my mailing list.

Also, I have dropped out of Facebook because I think it is boring. FB works hard to make businesses use paid promotion to gain 'likes'. Firstly, that means if you don't want to pay for promotion you will gain no 'traction', and secondly what are 'likes' anyway?

Instead of wasting time on social media I am just going to be dreaming/ thinking. Instead of watching podcasts on monetising my blog I am just going to be dreaming/thinking, and doing my photography.

I hope you stick around through this journey. There will be changes for the better- better for me and if you like my clothes, better for you.

All the best and thanks everyone for the support over the past few years.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Occasionally I make some clothes I am really proud of. These patchwork combat pants fall into that category. Only after I sold them did I realise how happy I was with the result. Many hours of patch-working a sewing went into these pants. 

The pants were King Gee work pants. A familiar name in Australia and still Australian made! I split the inside seam open and patch-worked scrap fabric and military badges. 

They turned out pretty good and I'm planning to make another pair soon. Now I realise why I keep all my scrap fabric- patch-working is pleasurable. 

You may not be able to get these but use the code 'SEPTEMBER' in my Etsy store and get 20% off everything with no minimum spend. One week only.